Why Buy Premium Martial Arts Weapons?

Why Buy Premium Martial Arts Weapons?

In today’s consumer focused world your students have many options available to them compared to 20 years ago.  Gone are the days of only being able to access martial arts weapons and training equipment solely at your local dojo, now you can pick up weapons with the click of a mouse. But what’s the difference between a Bo staff or a set of nunchuck ordered on Amazon or picked up at a booth from a cosplay event and a weapon from Ultimate Weapons?

 Most of the martial arts weapons on the market are made in China and mass produced very quickly. They can use low grade materials and have very little options available to personalize the item.  It’s the little things like the weight and feel and being able to customize the size, design style, or colors that matter.  Your weapons should reflect your training methods, skill level, and personal style. But those are not taken into consideration on a production line of hundreds of item made all the same. 

So Why Ultimate Weapons?

Ultimate Weapons is a trusted company that has been hand making their weapons with love right here in the U.S.A for over 20 years. Ultimate Weapons is owned and operated by real Martial Artist as well as a former World Champion. Our Ultimate Weapons are made with the modern practitioner in mind. They are specially made for being smooth and fast and balanced exactly right for tricking. And best of all you get to design your own weapon by size, design style, and color choices. Ultimate Weapons is used World-Wide by Current World Champions, Professional Schools, and organizations. So, give Ultimate Weapons a try and we know that you will love them as much as we do.

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