Cash Prize Sponsorships Rules

How to win prizes, discounts, weapons, and $$$$ from Ultimate weapons.



$50.00 Per weapons division 1st place win. + 35% off discount for 1 new weapon (money prizes can be stacked discounts cannot)

$100.00 Underbelt Grand Champion win and 50% off your next weapon. (Must be ordered within 30 days of win. this replaces the 35% discount)


$100.00 Per division (3 division max payout) (Grands runoff not eligible )

$250  GRANDS or $500 max per event per competitor. 

Grands also receives 1 FREE weapon at the event and may receive a discount code to share on their social media for their friends, teammates, and followers. 


 For the 2022-2023 competition seasons Ultimate Weapons wants to offer support and prizes to our loyal customers, schools, teams, and competitors that love the weapons we make! To qualify for available prizes you must meet all of the below requirements.


  1. You must win 1st place in your weapons division using your custom Ultimate Weapon. (This must be a weapon we made and verified as ours that you purchased you cannot "borrow from another competitor") (Traditional division excluded)
  2.  ONLY Events that we are physically present at and have announced will be eligible. We must have a official booth set up at the tournament or our GM Marie must be present as a event guest. (we will announce eligible events via our social media.)  
  3.  Your division must have at 3 or more competitors registered and competing to qualify. 
  4.  Post a pic, or video of your performance and tag Ultimate Weapons in your post. 
  5.  Pre register with us before the event or at the event at our booth to let us know you are competing for prizes! We will have forms available so you can tell us what divisions you will be entering  and what prizes you are eligible for. THIS is the only optional requirement but doing this step will help us pay our your wins faster!  

Check out our 1st sponsership winners at the 2022 Battle of Atlanta!! 

 Logan at battle of atlanta LOGAN

Jaiden at battle of Atlanta  JAIDEN

Jackson at battle of atlanta Jackson 

For questions reach out to Marie or check our social media for updates