Harold Lernor
Age: 13
Rank: Black belt
Team: Amerikick National Team
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My name is Harold Lerner, I am 13 years old. I am a first degree Blackbelt through the Amerikick organization under Bob Leiker. I compete nationally and am a 4 time NASKA world champion and WKC gold medalist. My specialty is the bo staff and Japanese kata. I have been studying martial arts for 8 years and competing since I was 7. I train with Derek Meegan and Jarrett Leiker through the Amerikick organization and locally with Joseph Brackett for sparring. I am a member of the Amerikick National team and am proud to be a Ultimate Athlete AKA Warrior Cup 2024 Age divisions 12-13 1st in Trad weapons 2nd Extreme weapons 3rd Creative weapons And 4th Trad forms